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Revitalize your skin with Salt and Mud’s Dead Sea skincare

Salt and Mud harvested the best in nature-inspired Dead Sea ingredients to create the finest mineral skincare.
We incorporate the hydrating and regenerative properties of the Dead Sea elements into every one of our products. Its time to change skincare routine for Dead Sea Products…..


The Dead Sea’s unique composition of natural minerals is produced from the dissolving surface salt created in the lake’s gradual water evaporation process. The compound is then refined by the sun, which neutralizes the sodium chloride in the salt and leaves only the mineral-rich compound in the evaporation pool. The final compound results in a total of 26 minerals, 12 of which do not exist in any other body of water, making this one of the richest sources of naturally occurring minerals in the world.

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Why You Need A Mud Mask As Part of Your Routine

Why You Need A Mud Mask As Part of Your Routine The benefits of a mud mask are more than you imagine. Mud masks are known for their antibacterial and exfoliating benefits, which can make them ideal for acne-prone skin. They may remove impurities from the skin, unclogging pores and absorbing excess oil. […]
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